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Beertubes - More beer, more fun

What is a Beer Tube?

A Beer Tube is a 3 litre self-serve beverage dispenser that allows customers to fill their own glasses at the table.

Tubes are filled at the bar, then taken to the table and placed in a customized base where a group of customers can enjoy an ice cold beverage.

All Beer Tubes consist of a simple three-part design of a tube, tap and base, all of which can be purchased separately.

The interchangeable parts allow for efficiency in serving, cleaning and cost-effectively replacing parts to protect your investment.

For bars and restaurants, Beer Tubes are the next generation of the traditional pitcher, with the added benefit of a “wow factor” that will enhance your customers' experience and drive draft beer sales.

What is a Beer Tower

Beer Towers are tabletop beverage dispensers; they are also known as Beer Tubes, Beer Giraffes, Beverage Dispensers, Brewtender ... the list gets even longer.

These beer dispensers are a great and fun new way to enjoy drinking beer or your favorite beverage with friends in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

The reservoir typically holds 3L of beverage and is placed in the middle of the table. The tube is refilled from the tap and inserted in the base right on the table.
Consumers can pour their own beer at their own pace.

Beverages are kept cold for a longer time with the use of an ice tube or a chill stick.

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Now will be a good time to take stock of your Beer Tubes to see if you need additional units or any parts or accessories Read More ...
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